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Thank you for visiting our website...and discovering that Pacific Coast Landscape Management, Inc. is the source for your residential & commercial Landscape needs, and more... Serving the Greater Bay Area and surrounding areas. For your convenience, we are answering some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers in this section of the website. However, if you have any needs or questions not covered in our website, please do not hesitate in contacting us at (925) 513-2310.

Q. Does Pacific Coast Landscape do landscape plans?
A. Our company prefers to perform your landscaping project from client supplied plans. On most occasions we work from architect plans, builder blueprints, developer site maps or other designs supplied by the client.
Q. Does your company have the property licensing for our landscape project?
A. Pacific Coast Landscape has a C27 Landscape License issued by the State of California and meets all the other licensing requirements of state and local governmental agencies. In addition our company and employees are bonded and insured.

Q. We do not need landscaping services, but require a company to maintain our current property, does Pacific Coast Landscape provide this service?
A. Our company has a management staff that offers this service. Pacific Coast Landscape's management staff performs physical inspections and meets with you or your designated representative(s) a minimum of twice per month. We believe that communication with our clients is the cornerstone of effective management and encourage clients to call our office with any questions, compliments or problems.

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